Don't you think the shape of clouds are weird ?Maybe just like a beard Sometimes they look like a square ,Or like a broken chair . Why aren't the clouds in the shade of blue ?Or it could be the colour Vermilion Hue What if they could shine like stars ?They would be visible far… Continue reading Clouds

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1 year BLOGIVERSARY | ❤✨

*Inserts trumpet sound* It's been one whole year since I started my blog 🙂 Trust me I can't be dramatic at this point but all I would say is a BIG THANK YOU to all my followers and readers ! The journey of becoming a blogger was indeed difficult ( I mean obviously, you don't… Continue reading 1 year BLOGIVERSARY | ❤✨

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Everything related to Christmas !!🎄🎅⛄

Hellloo Readieves *new fandom name* !! I think you liked that name didn't you ? 😏 Anyways - MERY CHRISTMAS !!! I still don't think this is real because why not 2021 went really quick. I still feel like today is my last exam and tomorrow Summer vacations will start 😭. So today I thought… Continue reading Everything related to Christmas !!🎄🎅⛄

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Post Ideas for my Dear Friends ( Blogmas ) 🎅✨

Hey guys !!! Since I have completed my Blogember series and my friends are doing Blogmas - I came up with these Ideas which you can use for posting everyday !!! As I mentioned in my Last Blogember Post that you should post about the following things ~ Things you like Your hobbies or talentsTry… Continue reading Post Ideas for my Dear Friends ( Blogmas ) 🎅✨