💜Happy Birthday Siddhangana💜

Happy Birthday to my very best friend,
Your special day has come by again,
We had so much fun last time around,
You were like a younger sister who I found.

I won’t forget about all the things you’ve brought to my years,
Long-lasting laughter and contenting cheers,
I never knew that all of these things could all come true,
But my life has been better, and it’s all because of you!

 A friendship like ours is not easy to come by,
Often the intensity of it makes me so high,
Is our beautiful friendship really only a dream?
Sometimes it feels so unreal that I must scream. 

We walk together , hand in hand
Our friendship began with a friendship band
And now u see we are good friends
Hoping that this friendship never ends. 

Happy birthday to our cute bunny
Who is sweet, kind and funny
We shall never miss you,
Lol just kidding, of course it’s not true! 

Today we want you to have lots of fun
And have cake till the day is done
May all you dreams come true
Once again happy birthday to you !

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