πŸ’– Happy Mothers Day πŸ’–

The word mother describes something that’s very precious
It means something sweet and joyous
They are the world to us
they are indeed tremondous

A mother is our everything
She is so caring and loving
A mother is our helping hand
She never let’s us slip away , like a fistful of sand

She was always there for us when we were down 😦
She never let’s us frown
She is the angel who came for me
Who stands and fights for us strongly

I have to say that mothers are legend
Their work for life will never end
They cook , wash , clean at once
What will we do without their presence

And as of today , I thank you
For everything you have done , and do
We want all mother’s to always stay happy and not sad
And may this be the best day u have ever had

So this is a tribute, to all mothers around the world
Your hearts are pure as gold
In our hearts we have a special place for you
Happy mother’s day to all of you !!

7 thoughts on “πŸ’– Happy Mothers Day πŸ’–

  1. Snehh its too sweet! Lovely poem, and wonderfully written. Happy mother’s day to all mom’s around the world!! Keep writing girl! πŸ’œ


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