💚 Happy IU Day !! 💚

This is a story about a girl
Who is as precious as a pearl
Her dream was to become a singer
She was so determined , no one could stop her

She worked day and night
Through all her struggles and hard times she had to fight
She never thought of giving up her passion
Untill she shone bright as the sun

This girl debuted at the tender age of 15, 
Without any knowing that she would become a queen, 
Her first ever song, released in 2008, 
‘lost child ‘ she sang, without a clue about her fate.

Well, wanna know what her fate held for her?
This young, bright girl just became more popular!
Her melodious voice is now so famous
All her songs are just fabulous

She is known as the little sister of Korea
Her performances are splendid in all her songs’ eras
She is soo adorable and pretty
She is the definition of beauty

Its our amazing IU! 
who worked so hard for her dream to pursue,
In our heart, she has earned a special place,
Lee ji eun truly is the ace!

Don’t tell me u haven’t heard her songs
Their tunes sound like that of an enchanted gong!
Blueming , lilac , eight and flu
I love her songs don’t you ?

May the colorful rainbows of joy paint her life,
As to grow her passion even stronger she’d strive
And we want her to always be happy and not sad!
And may this be the best day she’d ever had

For many young girls, IU is an inspiration, 
That’s why she’s so well known throughout the nation!
Rare idols like her to exist, are very few
But among them the best is our only and only dear IU!

Today is the 16 of may, 
Which is her birthday !
And all we wanted to say
Is happy IU DAY !!

Salanghae IU !!! 💚💚

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