We will miss you ~ โœจ

In school you are a teacher,

In our hearts you are a mother

You help us choose the right way,

You really light up our day.

The moments we all spent together

Will remain in our heart forever 

A teacher like you is difficult to find,

Who loves us and who is really kind.

You have been very polite to us,

And we always have something new to discuss

The way you teach us, is truly amazing,

Youโ€™ve taught us not to be teasing.

These online classes have been so much fun

With you being our teacher, we have been shining bright like the sun

You have made English, Geography and History interesting,

When we made mistakes, you helped us in improving.

Thank you for teaching us this year,

Now, during our exams we have no fear

We wish you could stay longer,

Thanks  to you, we have grown stronger.

The wonderful smile on your face,

In our heart it has taken a special place

We shall really miss you,

And it’s not a lie, it is true.

We wish you could teach us longer,

But, no matter,

We wish you best of luck at your new college,

Thank you, for giving us so much knowledge.

We didn’t realise how fast the time flew,

And now it’s time to say goodbye to you, 

But we will always remember,

Our kind and beloved class teacher.

~ For Pallavi Maam ~

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