Interviewing my Bestie ~ Collab with Geet !

Hello guys ! I hope y’all are doing fine in this lockdown m not doing fine . Today to make your day even better, Geet and I decided to interview each other ! So we will be asking 7 questions to each other and post the answers on our blogs scroll down to see my answers! Let’s startt ~

  1. What song means the most to you, and why ?

Ans – * thinks hard about life *
You never know – BLACKPINK
This song is like really meaningful and I relate a lot with this song soo y’all listen to that song ok ?

2. What is one fear you wish to overcome before you die?

Ans – * M not scary *
To be very honest m not really scared of anything , * still tries to think if she is scared of anything *. Ok m actually really scared of losing someone I love , not copying Selena . I really want my loved ones to be with me forever and they mean a lot to me so I just don’t want to lose them .

3.What do you want to do for your career and has it changed since you were a kid?
Ans – So let me tell you ~
When I was 8 I wished to be a astronaut ( I love science )
When I was 10 I started thinking realistic and I believed I could be a scientist ( inspired by the movie – ‘ Mission Mangal ‘ ) .
When I was / am 12 i found the singer inside me and I dream to become a singer like the kpop artists I love and also Dhvani Bhanushali ( Indian singer and my favourite ). I really don’t know what will happen in future all I know is I won’t be a bad guy like Moriarty ( Villian of Sherlock Holmes series )πŸ˜‚.

4. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in your school?
Ans – so this might be the craziest yet a little angry situation
So in our school , for music we had this wonderful teacher – Antia Sir . He was known as the strict teacher in school . So one day after our music class we were returning back to our classes while there where 2 boys jabbering something bad about Antia sir , in some teasing way while Antia sir was right behind them listening everything ! And this was really scary and the boys werent aware that our sir is right behind them and later they were punished . This was like really crazy at the moment you might not find it crazy now ( my school friends you remember this right ) . Let’s move to the next question ~

 5. What’s your favorite dessert?

Ans – Ahh I love all desserts and cuisine’s ( VEG ) . It difficult to choose ~~~
MY favourite is probably Chocolate brownie . I love it more than you It’s my favourite I guess and I love Ice cream as well !!

6. What’s the most intersting thing you’ve learned recently? 

Ans – The most interesting thing I have learned recently is stanning K-pop πŸ˜€ , making edits ( wallpapers ) it’s really fun you guys can make too and yes I will be posting my wallpapers soon don’t worry ~

7. If you could create a new holiday, what would it be dedicated to, and how would people celebrate it?
Ans – a new holiday on 11 of April which is my birthday . It will be known as I dont know ! , WORLD HELP DAY ( WHD ) on that day people will help the needy ~ .So my friends why don’t you tell me how to celebrate it in the comments ? Make sure to write something ok ? ~

I hope you liked our humor filled crazy interview !!! Make sure to like and comment on this post !! STAY HOME , STAY SAFE , STAY HEALTHY , AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE POSTS !!

16 thoughts on “Interviewing my Bestie ~ Collab with Geet !

  1. World Help Day sounds like such a good idea! Maybe we just all try to help someone in a small way, anything from opening a door to donating to taking care of a pet?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looooll I lovvedd it!!
    Gr8 work besties, Waiting for more collabs πŸ˜‚βœŒ
    I got rlly triggered cuz u left me out :(( NO NO im Joking lol
    Hehe <333

    Liked by 1 person

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