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Wallpaper!! ~ made by me

Hey guys ! So today m back with another amazing post for y’all. I know y’all were waiting for this! Yess this post is about the wallpapers I made !! ❀

Ok I really think you guys might be thinking that making wallpapers is not a big thing, but even if its not a big thing, its fun !! I made the wallpapers on you can make too . Ok now let’s see my beautiful wallpapers

  1. Soft like flowers ~ 🌸

Soft like flowers – This wallpaper basically shows that how sweet and gentle flowers are ( specifically Rose ) I thought of making it in shades of Pink and make it simple and sweet !

2. Purple Aesthetic ~πŸ’œ

Purple Aesthetic – Purple , a colour which means love and trust ( inspired by Bts ) and the roses mean love in the wallpaper and the flowers make trust ( I dont know how πŸ˜‚) . I hope you like it !

3. Doggies ~🐢

Doggies – Dogs are really cute 🐾 !! My friend really loves dogs so i made this wallpaper for her !

Coffee is all we need ~β˜•

Coffee – Who does not love coffee ? I mean its just so wonderful and refreshing , and I made this wallpaper for all coffee lovers !


Last wallpaper for my own blog ~ Is it good ? I will keep this for my home page then πŸ™‚

I hope you like the wallpapers !! If you want you can mail me if you want customized wallpapers 😁

Good Bye ! -

40 thoughts on “Wallpaper!! ~ made by me

  1. Oh ma god they r so beautiful!
    Can’t take my eyes of them, ur amazing at making wallpapers!
    Aww man I really want a wallpaper like urs now πŸ˜„

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