πŸ’œ The BTS Day Special !πŸ’œ

Helloo !!! Today is Bts’s 8th debut anniversary ! 8 years of friendship, 8 years of struggles, 8 years or hard work and of course 8 years of fun ! They have been so successful in the past 5 to 6 years and there are definitely sad and heart breaking stories behind their success. On their 8th anniversary, I want y’all to know how hard working they are, how passionate they are and how they survived without giving up soo lets begin !! Also the above picture is a wallpaper I made, how is it ?

BTS has changed the face of kpop industry. With their current status today, there is no doubt about their fame and success as individuals and as a group. But, just like most success stories, most of the members had sad and heart breaking stories too. Some of the BTS members almost quit their training post, as well as their hopes about their dreams. These include Suga, who arguably has the most heartbreaking story of all.

Suga had no family support, his parents were against him for his career in music and they thought it was useless for him and therefore Suga had to leave his house. He had to decide whether to spend money on food or transportation. He also had to pay tuition fees and it was difficult for him to do it all by himself. So he had to work part-time jobs on the side to support himself.

While working as a delivery man, he met with an accident and injured his shoulder. He consequently decided to quit as he then faced more struggles in his life. But Bang Si Hyuk stopped him from quitting. Bang Si Hyuk, in a encouraging way told him to heal is injury and get well soon, and would also pay all the fees, like the tuitions fees. And as a result, Suga stayed with BTS !! : )

Like Suga, J-hope also thought of giving up on BTS. The passionate rapper-dance decided to quit before their debut in 2013 due to several issues. But RM ( the leader ) talked to the managers and the CEO’s and requested to let J-hope stay ! They really needed each others support, which they got and it’s so beautiful to watch them together ✨

You might not be knowing, but the BTS members were not financially rich as they are now. V was one of the members who had come from a poor background, his parents were farmers and hey were really busy with their job, so most of his life his grandmother raised him. He always thought that he would be a farmer like his parents. V once cried to his groupmates because the fame and success became overwhelming. Can you believe that these famous boys had to face so much sometime in their life ?

Apart from experiencing having no stable financial back-ups, several of the BTS members, also, experienced being judged because of their looks. Jimin even had to lose weight because he was very conscious of his appearance, following all the criticisms he received. After debut also, many people were arguing, asking them to remove Jimin from the group as he was not doing well with the others. But he practiced day and night, and now you see how perfect he is !!

The leader – RM was very much hated when they debuted as BTS because some korean people considered him less beautiful and some say that he is ugly. He was always asked to leave BTS because as per them, he didn’t fit in their standards of beauty.

Jin’s mother often got teased by the neighbouhood. The neighbours would always boast about their kids in front of his mother. So Jin wanted to do something to make his parents really proud. Since Jin couldn’t dance it was very hard and exhausting for him in the initial period of their debut. But for his mother, he worked really hard and he cried when his mother attended their concert.

Jungkook, the main vocalist auditioned at a very young age. He gave audition at an age of 15 and got scouted by 8 entertainment companies but chose Bighit entertainment. After getting dance classes in US he wanted to quit BTS and wanted only to dance but Jimin convinced him to stay. Jungkook was very shy in the starting and used to take bath when all the members of the group where asleep.

As people know well, BTS debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. By that time, the agency was just a small company with little success. With that, the promotion wasn’t that good for them and was sometimes ignored by the public. Consequently, the members did their best to work hard and didn’t give up . Despite their hardship back then, it cannot be denied that they are totally successful now.

They are 7 miracles who entered in my life, making light in the darkness. They inspired me , motivated me with their songs lyrics, made me laugh when I was sad. They support each other, help each other and stay together as a family and that’s the reason to their success. Also if you ever feel sad just remember to listen to “MAGIC SHOP” by BTS and it’s really wonderful !!!

Thanks for reading the post ! Happy Festa Day once again and ~
STAY home, STAY safe, STAY healthy, STAY happy and STAY tuned for more amazing posts πŸ’œβœ¨

6 thoughts on “πŸ’œ The BTS Day Special !πŸ’œ

  1. Happy Festa day!
    This made me cry UwU T_T
    Yes bts members have gone thru a lot of struggles and pain. They are very hardworking, and this is where they are now! They are 7 miracles indeed :)))

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