My Superhero ~ MY DAD ( Father’s day special )

My superhero is my dad
Who freshens me up when m sad
A superhero who is brave and strong
And corrects me when m wrong

Yes my dad is my best friend !!
Holding hands together, we lay under the stars 
Recalling each precious moment of ours,
Together in the kitchen, as we burn things πŸ˜‚
Dad, you are my angel who gave me wings

Yes we had lots of fun
Splashing water and playing in the garden !
Going on long drives in our car
Dad you are my shining star 🌟

Batman and Superman exist
followed by an even longer superhero list
but i dont need them, i’m never going to be sad
it’s because i have YOU as my dad

Dad, we treasure life’s moments together every day,Β 
So on this special day i just wanted to sayΒ 
i’m so lucky to have you as my dad,
and your presence makes me really glad
you have always been there for me
smiling through every second, so happily

38 thoughts on “My Superhero ~ MY DAD ( Father’s day special )

  1. Thank you Rayna 😊
    Also Priyadarshni, I will check out your blog and see if I will follow you or not. But pls don’t bother me and my friends by advertising your blog, Its a kind request πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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