The Harry Potter Poem ⚡

Harry casted a spell

Which didn’t turn out well.

He turned Hermoine into a little frog,

And Ron into a red hedge hog.

He was a master in Quidditch

And always caught the Golden Snitch,

But then the evil’s entered the scene

The Dementers were cold and mean .

But Hermoine and Ron came to save

Harry who was strong and brave,

The 3 of them casted a spell

Which sent the Dementers far to hell.

The story isn’t over yet

As Voldemort and Harry haven’t met,

But soon Voldemort came to defeat Harry.

And they both were locked in an enormous fight !!

Where Voldemort struck Harry with a blinding light,

But harry was protected

And the spell was reflected.

Voldemort fell on Harry’s feet

And accepted his defeat,

Now there was nothing they could fear

They lived happily for the next many years !!

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