Happy Teachers Day πŸ’“

Our superheroes and second Mothers
Are none other than our beloved teachers! 
They are so gentle, caring and kind
Understanding, and know what’s going on in our mind.

We’ve had many ups and not one down, 
Your presence- our joy has no bounds 
Your encouraging words give us positive vibes, 
Teaching us manners, values, what’s wrong and what’s right. 

Decorating Bulletin boards, helping you with small tasks 
The excitement and anxiety when you announce our marks, 
Appreciating our good deeds, telling us to work hard 
You guided us to give it our 100% right from the start!

Even online, did your best with ppts, quizzes and white boards, 
Made sure we’re comfortable, stayed headstrong and bold
You’ve sacrificed so much for us, it must’ve been tough for you 
But you’ve bravely faced and overcome, challenges that are new. 

Letting our creativity overflow in and art and crafts,Β 
Learning new songs and vibe to the music while we dance New things we learned in computers like html and coding
In PE, Having fun exercising, playing and skipping.

Exploring in science and solving algebra sums,
English stories, history and geography activities were fun!
Learning new words in Hindi and essays in Marathi,
Our teachers really make us enjoy learning, you see?

And after all, a big thanks to you
For helping us all the way we grew
And on this special day we just want to say
Thank you for everything you have done till today!

16 thoughts on “Happy Teachers Day πŸ’“

  1. Areee vah ham dono ke liye talia! pt 3 πŸ˜‰
    We’ve done 3 collabs OMG!! Here’s to many more~ ❀
    Ily sneh, lets keep writing! BTW, which collab of ours was your fav?

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