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My first ever rap ! + Collab with Lili

Hello everyone ! So today I thought of posting the very first rap I have ever written in my whole life ( 12 years ). So we actually wrote this rap for Physics project, and our topic was – Space and Movies ! So you might be wondering how a rap is connected to a damn Physics project right ?
Well I got you back – We wanted to show our teacher are amazing skills of writing poems and raps hehe and also the audience should not get bored of course. ( who would want to listen to a 30 min project which is just a speech ? (At least not me). Yea so we ended up writing this rap in just umm about half n hour or less than that ! I hope you like it too !

The signoffs are made by Lili ( isn’t it beautiful like her ?? ) and the featured image is made by me ! ( Tell me if you like it ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Hey hey hey
We’ll be presenting on movies and space
In the vast universe is where it takes place
So get ready to have some fun
Our presentation will leave everyone stunned !

First up comes Gravity,
It’s what makes up most of reality
This movie has an amazing plot,
Ahead, you’ll see what it’s got

Second up comes the Martian
It’s about Mars and a stranded person
Focuses on space farming and biology,
Including chemistry and ideology!

Next up comes Mission Mangal,
Everyones favourite one
I agree mars is again, so cool
Some parts are totally fun!

Y’all might now the movie Interstellar
Yes they fly to Saturn which is very very far
Lot’s of new planets you’ll get to know about
And the plot will leave you stunned! Without a doubt

Yea now its time, time to wrap upย 
And soon we’ll be startingย 
Our presentation on movies and spaceย 
That you will definitely be liking !ย 

8 thoughts on “My first ever rap ! + Collab with Lili

  1. THIS RAP BLEW ME OUT OF THIS WORLLDDDDD INTO SPACEEEEE (i’m tryna relate it to space since this was written for a space project lmbo)
    I loved the featured image and the signoffs!
    My friends are really talented omg!
    I still remember your project presentation that day, it was really good!
    I could watch it all over again lol
    Waiting for more fabulous raps like this one โค

    Liked by 2 people

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