True friends…. or not ?

Not everyone was my true friend,
They just had an intention to use me and offend.
I could see it was pure hate and jealousy,
It wasn’t me, it was their attitude you see ? 

They always hoped for their profit and my loss, 
From sweet angels they can turn into a cruel boss .
Knowingly or unknowingly, they turned tables,
They are actually the true evils !

Lying and betraying was something they always loved to do, 
And cheating on people too !
They are the temporary- partner,
Who won’t be with us forever .

But there were some loyal and true friends,
Who were actually with me till the very end.
They would always make me smile when I was sad,Β 
They know my good and my bad.

True friends spend unforgettable moments together, 
They’re more precious, than a luck- bringing clover !
They will definitely be on your side to comfort, 
With their soft and sweet words, no one can be hurt.

True friends are always a must in life, 
Unlike flatterers who stab you with a knife.
Flatterers will break you down, 
But true friends will make you wear your crown.

21 thoughts on “True friends…. or not ?

  1. Aree this was too good re!! I love it sm ❀
    See? Believe in urself and ur amazing at writing poems!!
    Tho m a bit sad bcs u didn't put that title :')
    But its fine! Love it anyway ❀

    Liked by 3 people

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