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#14 Blogember Post – Some Artwork πŸŽ¨πŸŒˆβœ¨

Hey sweeties ! M back with another post which going to be about- some of my artwork !!! I love drawing and somehow now I like painting too ( but not those elementary exam buckets and coconuts ). So I’ll share some of my best paintings and sketches –

Tell me which is your favourite !! ~ Mine is the first pic !!


The polaroids are made by me too ( cheap bt21 merch XD ). I made these in my summer vacations, I miss Summer Vacations nooooo 😭😭. Today was the last day of my Diwali Vacation too 😭😭😭 though somewhere I wanted school to start. I want to do better in this term so I am fully prepared XD and All the best to me and all my classmates for another term !!!

Also don’t forget to drop a comment on – THIS POST because I’ll be answering the questions tomorrow !! πŸ’–

Also HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY ( ok this is very late. ) !! Here is a really surprising, cute and soft not-really-a-meme I found ~

Pls this is so- 😭😭

STAY home, STAY safe, STAY healthy, STAY happy and STAY tuned for more amazing posts πŸ’œβœ¨

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