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#28 Blogember Post – A field trip ! 😁

This is a narrative composition I wrote in my English class !!! I hope you like it 🙂

Field trips are the best part of school life ( Of course after holidays ! ). They are always fun and exciting and you get to know many new things in an unknowing way. My most memorable one was at Nilshi. As I remember that day very clearly, the rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. The just- risen sun shone softly over the city as we passed by. We saw a beautiful scenery of fresh green mountains and calm lakes from our bus windows, which made the starting of our happy day. After an hour or so, we arrived at the YMCA camp - the place where were going to stay tonight.
We were served breakfast as soon as we reached there. Nilshi was a beautiful place, and was located in a jungle besides a lake. The YMCA camp members had planned really fun games for us!! We were first distributed into equal teams and were asked to create a slogan for our team. It was a competition of 6 groups, and each group would be marked for their performance for the activities held by them. We were first asked to name and make a slogan for our team. I remember my team was called " Team Alpha " and we had done a really excellent job that time! There were total 6 games - The acid walk, group skipping, mat folding game, wall climbing, traffic jam and rope walking. My most favorite game of all was acid walk ( because we succeeded in that game ) . After a enthusiastic and tiring day, we had our dinner. There was something I could not forget - we had to wash our own dishes! I remember my classmates were messing up doing that like the wet their clothes and one of them used so much soap that the whole area had become soapy. When we returned to our dormitories we had a secret midnight feast!
Next morning we went for a short trek near the lake. We had breakfast and then we set off back to our school. I really enjoyed at nilshi !

I honestly have to say, Nilshi was super duper fun !!! And one of the best field trips I had with my friends 🙂

I think that’s all for today!! See you tomorrow 😄

STAY home, STAY safe, STAY healthy, STAY happy and STAY tuned for more amazing posts 💜✨

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