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Post Ideas for my Dear Friends ( Blogmas ) 🎅✨

Hey guys !!! Since I have completed my Blogember series and my friends are doing Blogmas – I came up with these Ideas which you can use for posting everyday !!! As I mentioned in my Last Blogember Post that you should post about the following things ~

  1. Things you like
  2. Your hobbies or talents
  3. Try out new things and write a post about them !

Maybe you can write a post about your Christmas plans or what you did last winter and what makes this year’s winter different from the last year’s. If you think out of the box – there will be lot’s and lot’s of ideas coming your way!! And post what you like, because if you like your post’s, only then will other’s like it !! Also you can follow these tips ~

  1. Write a post the earlier day. If you do so, you wouldn’t have troubles posting everyday. Incase you are busy someday, you’ll have a post ready before hand !!
  2. Choose a theme. If you choose a theme say for a week, you’ll get many many ideas to post related to that theme. Otherwise it happens that you’ll just keep wondering what to post without any clue what you should write about and waste a lot of time.
  3. Write some unique content which probably no one has tried out !! If you love cooking you can make some delicious gingerbread man – shaped cookies and share the recipe !! If you like art – an abstract painting for Christmas with a deep meaning hidden in it will be an amazing post !!!

Now some ideas I have which you should try !!

・mood boards・ paintings・ artwork ideas・ tips for a better life ( not a joke )・ someone's birthday post ・study ? ・My favourite subjects why I love it - online school・ A poem・ Collab・ Guest post・ Redesigning my blog ( how you did it )・ Christmas carols・ Winter is a trouble・ aims for 2022・ write articles ・how I take notes・ Experiments I tried for my Chemistry Project・ My favourite project in term 1 and why I love it・ 2021 poem・ Please no lockdown・ Games I love・ A fun game post・ Winter doodle・ Winter diary・ Making Christmas craft ・

I really hope this helps !! I would have done all of them if I did Blogmas lmao. See y’all soon and Have a great day because you gotta be happy for the last few days of 2021!!!

15 thoughts on “Post Ideas for my Dear Friends ( Blogmas ) 🎅✨

  1. Wow Sne! Thank you so much for these ideas! I love them! The tips are really useful as well, thank you so much! I’ll use them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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