A part of life painted blue πŸ’™

Hey guys ! So sorry for not posting since long. Well I am really busy with all the projects and assignments and school work, and unfortunately I find less time to keep my blog updates. Nevermind, I am here today and I’m back with this emotion – life essay I had written for an English assignment. It’s honestly a piece of mind in short words, and I was like why not share it with you guys !

Title – A part of life painted blue

Sometimes I feel lost and sometimes I feel like I'm on the top of the world. Sometimes I fall about the place and other times I can't fight back my tears. As my observations say, I've always tried to find a way to feel on cloud nine while having a heavy heart.
Sadness is a natural part of life as happiness is. If sadness were a cloud on the horizon, then why would I watch emotional - dramatic films? Such movies don't make me smile from ear to ear but rather cause me to have a lump in my throat. I'd say I like them because I can understand and enjoy the characters' sadness which shows I like being sad. I'm sure you do too!
All I want to say is that there's nothing bad about having difficult or sad times in life. The world is your oyster and every moment of life is enjoyable. I feel as happy as a clam to know this fact at this little age. Who would like to live a monotone life where there are only smiles and no tears ? Not me .....

Yea this is it ! I really hope everyone reading this understand the importance of sadness is life as well, because it isn’t something bad. Thanks for reading !

5 thoughts on “A part of life painted blue πŸ’™

  1. Can you post a poem on harry potter and a second poem on narnia? and if you can manage pls post a poem on artimes fowl as well. those are my most favourite books and i would love any poem that i read on them


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