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1 year BLOGIVERSARY | ❤✨

*Inserts trumpet sound* It's been one whole year since I started my blog 🙂 Trust me I can't be dramatic at this point but all I would say is a BIG THANK YOU to all my followers and readers ! The journey of becoming a blogger was indeed difficult ( I mean obviously, you don't… Continue reading 1 year BLOGIVERSARY | ❤✨


A part of life painted blue 💙

Hey guys ! So sorry for not posting since long. Well I am really busy with all the projects and assignments and school work, and unfortunately I find less time to keep my blog updates. Nevermind, I am here today and I'm back with this emotion - life essay I had written for an English… Continue reading A part of life painted blue 💙

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Everything related to Christmas !!🎄🎅⛄

Hellloo Readieves *new fandom name* !! I think you liked that name didn't you ? 😏 Anyways - MERY CHRISTMAS !!! I still don't think this is real because why not 2021 went really quick. I still feel like today is my last exam and tomorrow Summer vacations will start 😭. So today I thought… Continue reading Everything related to Christmas !!🎄🎅⛄

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Post Ideas for my Dear Friends ( Blogmas ) 🎅✨

Hey guys !!! Since I have completed my Blogember series and my friends are doing Blogmas - I came up with these Ideas which you can use for posting everyday !!! As I mentioned in my Last Blogember Post that you should post about the following things ~ Things you like Your hobbies or talentsTry… Continue reading Post Ideas for my Dear Friends ( Blogmas ) 🎅✨