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#20 Blogember Post – Aesthetic artwork I want to try ✨🌈

Hey Guys !!! How are you guys doing ??? Cuz I am literally flying in air haha I am at my granny's place for my Didi's engagement which is tomorrow !!! I doubt if I can write a post tomorrow but idc I won't break my streak !!! So today's topic - Aesthetic Art work… Continue reading #20 Blogember Post – Aesthetic artwork I want to try ✨🌈

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#19 Blogember Post – Random memes – BTS

Hey m writing this post at 11:30pm cuz I almost forgot about my blogember series. 🤣😭😭😭. It's my Aunts engagement ( she is young ok ) and so was busy with the arrangements. But I got you some memes writing with one hand because the other hand has mehendi on it 😀 Laugh reading these… Continue reading #19 Blogember Post – Random memes – BTS

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#18 Blogember Post – Finally ! Some PHOTOGRAPHY 🏞

~ I am literally running out of post ideas 😭 ~ Hey guys ! After everything I came back to my all time favourite hobby - which is PHOTOGRAPHY ! ( I think that rhymed ). I really have many nice pictures of nature which I haven't shared so I thought of posting them today… Continue reading #18 Blogember Post – Finally ! Some PHOTOGRAPHY 🏞

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#17 Blogember Post – One year of togetherness | Aespa

It's been one year since Aespa debuted !!! Aespa is one of the best 4th generation girl group in the Kpop industry !! I have been a fan of Aespa recently only, - about 2 months back or something and I honestly love them !!! The first ever song I heard of them was -… Continue reading #17 Blogember Post – One year of togetherness | Aespa

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#15 Blogember Post – Answering Your Questions !! 🥰

Hey guys !! So as I said, I'll be answering all the questions you put in the #8 BLOGEMBER POST !! Also how is the featured image ??😆😆 I made it brown cuz it suited my blog theme and it looks beautiful too ! Ok so time to answer the questions ~ Ira's Questions ~… Continue reading #15 Blogember Post – Answering Your Questions !! 🥰

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#14 Blogember Post – Some Artwork 🎨🌈✨

Hey sweeties ! M back with another post which going to be about- some of my artwork !!! I love drawing and somehow now I like painting too ( but not those elementary exam buckets and coconuts ). So I'll share some of my best paintings and sketches - Tell me which is your favourite… Continue reading #14 Blogember Post – Some Artwork 🎨🌈✨

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#12 Blogember Post – A Poem ! ❄

Remember that worrying and complaining changes simply nothing So we should learn to be happy with everything ! Remember not to hurt your close ones And keep control on your actions Remember that opinions don't define your reality And everything in life is temporary Remember to never cry for things because it won't help you to fly high with wings Remember to make… Continue reading #12 Blogember Post – A Poem ! ❄