About Me

Ok so I am basically and extroverted introvert- I talk a lot but I can’t open that well as I do between my known ones. You don’t worry anyways we can be good friends always! My motto of life is just to enjoy life till you are alive, and make every moment special because why not XD. I have quite a good sense of humor and you’ll get to know it better after reading my post!!

I love Movies! And I’m currently obsessed with Marvel – Spiderman! The new movie is really awesome I’d say you should watch it ASAP! I also like Harry Potter – I mean who doesn’t and Minions were like my idols to me ( when I was young of course ) because they taught me to live a life without worrying to much!

╰┈➤ Some more about me ✧.*

  1. I love sweet food more than spicy.
  2. I am very organized in everything I do.
  3. I like making people laugh/ smile.
  4. Music >>>>> ANYTHING!
  5. I do like K-POP ( don’t hate me for that it’s not something bad ok ).
  6. Aestheticness is important for me 🙂
  7. Cats <<<< Dogs
  8. Favourite Ice cream flavour – Cookies n Cream ( preferably cone )
  9. I am completely random and crazy and can crack jokes all day!
  10. I am just 12 😭

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