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Happy Birthday Chaitali Maam :)

Chaitali Ma’am, our lovable math teacher
Is one- in – a- million, today is her birthday !
Favored by every student, our dream model, 
For her success and good health we strongly pray.

You are our inspiration
You guided us, gave us the right instructions
You are our sun, you are someone we look up to
You have always told us to be loyal and true

As we see, you are very bold and strong
You always know what’s right and what’s wrong
Sweet and kind is your true personality
And you are something like a beautiful Daisy

Happily participated with us in activities, 
Sweet memories of Teachers’ day in 5th we cherish, 
Made sure we studied hard and worked together 
To have a teacher like you, other students would wish! 

Remember our little skeleton in class 5
And the fun we had putting up the bulletin board charts
The Indian music competition and the mess we created was something I remember
And there are many more memories still in our hearts

And for your birthday we wrote this poem
To Thank you for everything you have done
May you have a fantastic year ahead
And with your two daughter, have lots of fun

It’s my favourite teachers birthday today and so me and Sid wrote this wonderful poem for her !! ( Yea we are in the same class 😀 ) Also do check out Sid’s post – [ CLICK HERE ] And spam the comments and give her many many likes !!! Thank you for checking out this post 🙂

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