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Uncle Ken forgets me !

Helloo lovely readers ! How are you ?? I hope everything’s going well because New Year must have gotten lots of happiness !! So today I thought of posting this funny story I wrote for my English project let me know if it’s good ! 😅😂


Uncle Ken forgets me!

Uncle Ken had started forgetting things very often. Not like he was an old fellow, nor was it that he had a lot of stress and work to do that he forgot stuff. The other day, Granny sent him to the Bazaar to get some meat for dinner . It was something that took only 10 minutes but we didn’t see him for the next 30 minutes. When he returned, he handed us a box of Rasagulla’s saying that he got them at a 10% discount. Granny was worried about Uncle Ken’s health, so the next day she sent me to the bazaar to buy some vegetables.
I returned with a heavy bag filled with vegetables, while Uncle Ken was in the veranda reading a book titled ” How to get a job “. I started climbing the stairs when Uncle asked –
” Who are you kid? Trying to sneak inside my house! ” 
” No Uncle! Don’t you recognize me? I am Ruskin. “
” Who’s Ruskin ?” 
” Your nephew.” 
” Who is my nephew ? ” 
” Ruskin!” 
Before the fight became intense, Granny came to our rescue.  
” Granny!! Uncle Ken forgot me! He doesn’t recognize me anymore.” Granny was astonished! She asked ” Ken, do you recognize me? “
Uncle Ken was quiet for a long time and then he burst out laughing. Granny and I were still shocked and thought he got some new disease of laughing unnecessarily. ” I fooled you! I fooled you!” cried Uncle Ken who couldn’t stop laughing. Granny and I were relieved. ” The next time you’ll actually forget us, we’d probably think you are acting again!”


Well Uncle Ken is like that! If you haven’t read the book “Crazy times with Uncle Ken”, then- read it because it’s going to make you laugh hard! If you have any crazy ideas or any crazy incidences that actually happened with you/ your family member let me know in the comments ! Thanks for reading and See ya soon !! ( Officially my new ending line of 2022 )

8 thoughts on “Uncle Ken forgets me !

  1. Pleasee The rasgulla Part was so funnyyyyy! (I want to eat rasgullas now nuu)
    Also the part where he was reading the book ‘How to get a job’ I died laughing 😂
    I’ll post mine tomo! Urs is sooo good! It’s like how Ruskin Bond would write it!

    Liked by 1 person

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