Oh in Hye and the number 48 ~ Mysterious case

So , today I decided to write something else other than poems , so I thought of writing this article about this mystery case which might be a coincidence or reality no one knows . Lets begin !

Image of Oh In Hye

Oh In Hye was a South Korean actress, she was super pretty and gorgeous and her film ” Black Wedding” was one of her big hits but her name was known to the public when she wore a quite revealing dress back in 2011 for which she received a lot of black lash . And Korea is kind of conservative when it comes to showing skin , she received a lot of hate comments after wearing that dress and she was kinda blacklisted in the Korean filming industry . In 2012 she was cast in a film ” Marrying the Mafia V ” but it wasn’t very successful.

After that , she didn’t really get like major roles in dramas. But due to lack of work in the industry, it led her not want to go out , meet family and friends and it put a lot of stress on her . And this is when she started her own YouTube channel showcasing her nightly routines, behind the scenes, makeup and her hobbies . And shortly after a interview in which she was talking about what she was doing these days , SHE PASSED AWAY😔

On 14 September 2020 , she was found unconscious at her home in Incheon , South Korea. She was immediately brought to a nearby hospital and her breathing and pulses had returned. But sadly , the same day , one of her acquaintances revealed that she died of cardiac arrest .

Many fans claimed that she was sending out a cryptic message telling that she was gonna die.

Number 1 – So if you see her YouTube videos, she named all her episodes , like episode 32 , episode 33 so that its easy for her fans to see what episode they are on . So on the last vlog she made , the episode was titled the number 48 . So basically according to her videos , she skipped the numbers 46 & 47 and she went straight from 45 to 48 which was really odd . Although it was explained that there was an episode 46 but she deleted it but even if there was episode 46 why would she name it 48 instead of 47 ? *this is creepy*

The screenshot of her YouTube channel ~ Ep 45 to Ep48 highlighted

Number 2 – So now her very last episode on the vlog , episode 48 was all about skin care, like how she took good care of her skin at nights too . So while she was talking about her night skin care and her routine , there was a small error or rather a small glitch . Now this glitch started around 48 seconds and the glitch exactly stopped after 1 min stopping at 1 min 48 seconds . The really interesting thing is that the video is glitching but the audio is the same. And now in this glitch there’s also a second where her voice is a little bit high pitched . Many fans realized or found out that the high pitch sounds like she is saying ” I am gonna die ” in Korean although it does also sound like ” rub this on ” while she was talking about skin care . ( this is weird isn’t it ? ) 😱

Number 3 – So , her fans actually found out , that in her previous episode ( Episode 45 ) there was another strange clue . At around 4 min 8 sec , there is a subtitle of numbers 8 and 4 . Again the 48 number !! But it seems that the subtitle is saying her birth year – 1984 , but we don’t know why she exactly put that in the subtitles .

It started at 4 min 8 sec and the 848484 subtitle

There was another thing which was found on her Naver bio ( Naver is like the Google of Korea ) so in her Naver Bio it was written that she was born in 1984 ( which y’all know ) and also she was 48kg when she passed away ! Fans went far till finding that in the glitch video , the clock hands were at 8 and 6 ( 8:30 pm ) and 8 x 6 = 48 .

Oh In Hye’s Naver Bio
The clock and 48

After the 48th episode, around 48 hours later, the actress passed away .It’s believed that she knew that she was gonna die and she was giving clues about this case . Or it was just a coincidence nobody really knows . This is really deep and I wanted y’all to know about this case cuz its really abnormal . And I hope Oh in Hye is having a better life up in Heaven !!
💐 RIP Oh In Hye 💐

Link of her glitched video ( watch it on your own risk ) ~

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