5 years with Blackpink! ๐Ÿ–ค

On the 8th of August, 2016 
4 young girls, In the spotlight could be seen 
With an enthusiastic “Boombayah!” they made their debut song, 
Truly, the list of kpop legends is where they belong!

Jisoo, the mother of Blackpink and the eldest member, 
No one can have charming visuals like her
A voice so extraordinary and deep she cannot hide, 
A hidden rapper within her, that shows her talented side!

Jennie, the multi-talented woman with pretty cat eyes, 
With her fast and flawless raps, gives everyone a surprise! 
Her cute innocent looks can melt anyone’s heart, 
Jennie had her fan’s love right from the start!

Rose, the main vocalist who came far from Australia
To achieve her dreams, she stayed without her family in south korea
Debuted at the age of 19
Her hard work paid off and now she’s a slay queen !!!

Lisa, the adorable and long legged rapper, 
Possesses the gift of a powerful dancer,  
From her cute bangs to her iconic yadom, 
Her journey has been amazing, Thailand is where she’s from!

How quickly it passed! 5 memorable years, 
Since blackpink debuted as young girls, 
Today as fans we wrote this poem
In dedication to their success and passion !

Collaboration with – Sid
We hope you like it !!


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