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#12 Blogember Post – A Poem ! ❄

Remember that worrying and complaining changes simply nothing 
So we should learn to be happy with everything ! 
Remember not to hurt your close ones 
And keep control on your actions 
Remember that opinions don’t define your reality 
And everything in life is temporary 
Remember to never cry for things 
because it won’t help you to fly high with wings 
Remember to make memories wherever you go,
Because they will make you happy when you feel low.
Also remember that it’s okay to let go and move one 
Because the past has already gone !

I hope you all liked this short little poem, which is a motivating poem for everyone whoever is down I hope you get encouraged ! Also I would really really want everyone who is reading this post to check out EESH'S BLOG !!! He is a really amazing blogger and his posts are really creative and if you like his blog, why won't you not follow him??!! I am already following him, I would love if you follow him too ! All the best Eesh !

STAY home, STAY safe, STAY healthy, STAY happy and STAY tuned for more amazing posts 💜✨

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