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Happy Birthday V !!- Ft. Lili ❤

It’s 30th of December – second last day of 2021 and today is Kim Taehyung aka V’s Birthday !!! Believe me I still feel like today is my last exam and the Summer Vacations are starting next week, but that ain’t true T_T. Honestly this year went really quick and its was very smooth like butter XD. 2021 could be one of my most favourite years – I found my friends circle – I had really good times – I don’t remember crying on dumb things – I met my friends after so long !! So 2021 was like really the most cheerful year !!

Back to the topic XD – Today is Tae’s birthday, so here is a bias anthem I have written for him ~ Thanks Lili for giving me this wonderful idea of writing a “Bias Anthem” Also don’t forget to check out her BIAS ANTHEM SERIES right here –

My bias is Kim Taehyung
Army's call him V
He is the second youngest member
And his voice is deep as sea ( supposed to be ocean lmao )
He has a cute box smile
For which he is famous
He has a cute dog called Yeontan
Who is said the be the eighth member of BTS
He is a very good boy
And is fond of "Panda Express"
He said he is GOD 🙏 ( His iconic line 😀 )
Which is true more or less
V is the most hardworking member
He is true and loyal
Thank you for everything you've done
You are truly our idol !!

I hope you liked the bias anthem – anyone who liked this can make an edit using my lines just don’t forget to give me credits heheh 🤣

See you guys Next year !!! 😀 

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